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Boylan launches offensive against Corporate Lobbying

3 April, 2019 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has coordinated a cross-parliamentary letter in conjunction with Corporate Europe Observatory calling for an end to the privileged access of massive corporations to decision makers.

The letter is addressed to the Finnish Government, who are due to take on the Presidency of the EU Council and have an opportunity to make this a priority and to initiate procedural change.

Speaking from Dublin, Ms Boylan said:

“I decided to take this initiative on the back of the recent damning report by Corporate Europe Observatory on the extent to which organised and well-funded corporate interests dictate our public policy.  The level of corporate capture of EU governments is alarming.  It undermines basic democratic values and has serious consequences on our laws.  

“I have also started the process of revoking the access badges of ExxonMobil to the European Parliament, as they refused a request to appear before the Environment Committee hearing on their role in climate denial.  The evidence presented against them set out clearly how ExxonMobil has engaged in promoting climate denial and how they have lobbied extensively to weaken climate policy.

“Even here in Ireland, we have seen, through Freedom of Information requests, the cosy relationship REPAK, an industry-funded body, has with the Department.  During the Single Use Plastic Directive negotiations, REPAK were consulted and given access to amendments and asked for speaking notes for the Minister.

“If the EU is ever to work, it needs to eradicate the corporate capture of the institutions. It must be the people who influence, not the narrow, financial interests of industries.” 

Note: The letter can be found here.

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