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DUP guilty of staggering hypocrisy over drug dealer election role - Murphy

10 April, 2019

The DUP has displayed ‘staggering arrogance and hypocrisy’ after it defended the involvement of a convicted loyalist drug dealer in its local government election campaign, Sinn Féin Cllr Ryan Murphy has said.

The North Belfast Councillor was commenting after it emerged that a loyalist jailed over a cocaine haul worth nearly £1m has signed a DUP election candidate's nomination papers. Mark Officer has also been pictured canvassing for the DUP in north Belfast with councillor Dale Pankhurst alongside former DUP minister Nelson McCausland.

Ryan Murphy said: “The DUP likes to portray itself as the party of law and order yet, when it comes to election time, they clearly have no difficulty sharing platforms with the representatives of loyalist paramilitary organisations which are still actively involved in everything from drug dealing to extortion and murder.

“It is staggering hypocrisy which they have taken to a new level with the involvement of Mark Officer – a man given a 40-month sentence for being involved in the supply of £1 million worth of cocaine.

“Drug dealers bring nothing but misery and destruction to our communities but incredibly the DUP has defended Mr Officer’s involvement in the election campaign.

“That smacks of arrogance from a party that seems to think it should be answerable to no-one – least of all the communities that suffered at the hands of the kind of drug dealers they now defend.”

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