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‘DUP actively opposing the best interests of people here’ – O’Neill

11 April, 2019 - by Michelle O'Neill

By opposing the Brexit backstop, the DUP is actively working against the best interests of people the party claims to represent, Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Michelle O’Neill has said.

The Sinn Féin Vice President was commenting as DUP Leader Arlene Foster travelled to Brussels to accuse the EU of ignoring the views of unionists here.

“I’m sure the irony of Arlene Foster’s comments won’t be lost on those unionists who voted on a cross-community majority basis against Brexit in the first place,” Michelle O’Neill said.

“Those people have seen their wishes ignored by the DUP ever since as they continue to pursue a reckless Brexit agenda alongside their allies on the hard right of the Tory Party, as evidenced by Arlene Foster being accompanied today by Tory MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Patterson.

“The DUP also continue to ignore the constant warnings from our business community, our agricultural sector, universities, trade unionists and many others who have all advocated the Backstop as the best way of protecting our interests from the worst impacts of Brexit.

“The DUP arrogantly dismiss the concerns of those at the coal face of the industries that will be most affected by their actions. Instead they prioritise their relationship with the Tory Party – the same party that has been responsible for over a decade of savage austerity cuts to our public services.

“The DUP should drop the pretence of defending anyone’s interests but their own because it is abundantly clear that they are now actively working against the best interests of the people and industries they claim to represent.”

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