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On May Day let’s focus on building a fairer Ireland - Matt Carthy MEP

1 May, 2019 - by Matt Carthy MEP

On International Workers’ Day, Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has said that the political and economic system continues to fail ordinary working people, with crises in housing health and new taxes which will punish workers most.

He said that it was time now to focus on building a fairer Ireland for all.

Matt Carthy said:

“On International Workers’ Day we take stock of the progress made by working people to improve the quality of life and the distance that must still be travelled to achieve a society based on social justice and equality for all.

“In Ireland today, ordinary working people face severe challenges with crises in housing, healthcare provision and the prospect of new taxes targeting workers.

“There are officially now over 10,000 people homeless in the state, including nearly 4,000 children. The real figures are much higher. 

“The Fine Gael government’s housing policy, based as it is in the primacy of the market, is an abysmal failure.

“I would urge all workers to demonstrate the need for urgent action on housing by supporting the Raise the Roof demonstration in Dublin on 18th May.

“We must also demonstrate unity of opposition to the government’s plans to force working families to pay the price for climate change caused by corporate polluters.

“Climate change remains the biggest challenge to people across the world and it is ordinary working people who will suffer the worst from its affects. It’s time to  face up to this challenge by changing the way our industries damage the planet. It’s time to make the big polluters pay.

“As we face into a European election it’s important to recognise the fact that many people across Europe are rejecting an EU model that has created winners and losers, precarious employment, wealth inequality, debt dependent growth and privatised public services. A failure to do so will pose a threat to the future of the European Union itself.

“The EU needs to change direction. It must become a cooperative union of nation states committed to working together for progressive social and economic change.

"We should be working together on common issues such as taking ambitious action on climate change, advancing social and employment rights across Europe, building a system of fair trade and using our common strengths to improve the lives of citizens.

“In 2019 the Irish political and economic system continues to fail ordinary working people and Sinn Féin continues to strive for a real republic which guarantees equality and prosperity for every citizen. Today let’s focus on building a fairer Ireland for all."

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