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Government’s failure to protect Moore Street 1916 Battlefield site could be a breach of Council of Europe conventions and charter – Lynn Boylan MEP

5 May, 2019 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Following meetings with the Council of Europe to discuss the preservation of the Moore Street 1916 battle site Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Lynn Boylan has requested a formal response from the human rights body regarding possible breaches of conventions by the Irish government. 

 The Dublin MEP said:

“The first ‘Arms around Moore Street’ event took place in April 2009. On that day over five hundred people gathered in Moore Street. Campaigners will meet again today, the 10thanniversary of the first event, to form a human chain around the Moore Street 1916 Battlefield Site. 

“When you consider how other European cities conserve and celebrate their historic monuments and sites it is simply disgraceful that Moore Street, the birthplace of Irish freedom, has not been secured and preserved in its entirety by any government of the day. 

“Dublin City Councillors have consistently voted for the area to be preserved as a Historical and Cultural Quarter. In 2016 the High Court agreed that the site, including most of the buildings on the east side of Moore Street and the laneways leading into it, constituted a national monument. 

“In the very year that the Fine Gael led government was overseeing the centenary celebrations marking the 1916 Rising it was putting in place an appeal to the High Court decision. It is incomprehensible to many why any government would actively seek to self-sabotage the preservation of its own country’s history.

“I have met with the Council of Europe twice to discuss the preservation of Moore Street and only last month I wrote to them to request a formal response to what I believe to be breaches by the Irish government of the Council to the Granada Convention, the Venice Charter and the Valetta Convention. These are important legal instruments that protect and preserve historical sites throughout Europe. 

“The first point of concern is the failure of the Irish government to act to protect and preserve the National Monuments within the Dublin Central Moore Street area threatened with demolition under a planning consent held by the owners of properties within the site. I have also highlighted the failure by the State to carry out a full archaeological, architectural and historical expert survey of the site, and finally I have raised with the Council the failure by the state to conduct an archaeological dig in relation to the newly discovered extensive (3m deep) post medieval city 'dump/midden' on site.

“The Moore Street 1916 Battlefield site is fundamental to who we are and to the capital city’s identity. In must be protected and conserved as provided for in multiple international treaties."

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