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Sinn Féin urge people to Register before November 18th

2 November, 2005

Sinn Féin National Director of Elections Pat Doherty MP has said that it is crucial that everybody fills out and returns their electoral registration form before the cut off point of November 18th.

Mr Doherty said:

" Hopefully this round of registration will be the last based upon the disastrous annual registration system which has effectively disenfranchised well over 100,000 voters since its introduction. Sinn Fein have been lobbying the British government to change this system and have secured agreement that from next year on we will move to a rolling registration model.

" Despite this welcome move the current round of registration to prepare the latest resister due for publication on December 1st is based upon the old system. Given this we do have real concerns that once again a deeply flawed document will be produced.

" I am encouraging people to ensure that they obtain a registration form and fill it in and return it before the cut off point of November 18th in order to guarantee they are on the next register.

" Sinn Fein are currently seeking a meeting with the British government to discuss their plans for changing the current system and also to ensure that all of those on the current register, including the 70,000 carried over in May before the Westminster election are also transferred en block onto the new register." ENDS

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