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Anger at European Court dismissal of Climate Action - Lynn Boylan MEP

22 May, 2019 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

The People’s Climate Case, a litigation action against the EU challenging it’s low-ambition climate policies, has been deemed 'inadmissible' by the European Courts. 

As a vocal supporter of this court case, Sinn Fein's Lynn Boylan, MEP for Dublin and Climate Change spokesperson for the Left in Europe said:

“It is completely wrong that this court case has been deemed inadmissible because, according to the courts, the plaintiffs have not been affected by climate change directly. 

“Everybody is affected by climate change directly. These plaintiffs do have a legal standing. This decision to dismiss the case highlights the need for a legal basis for climate justice. 

“When I met the plaintiffs they shared their stories about how their livelihoods have been turned upside down by the effects of climate change.  I pledged my support and will continue to do so.

“I, along with my political group, have been arguing for climate justice to be a fundamental principle of the EU. Disappointingly, the Fine Gael MEPs chose not to support this call in the most recent climate change resolution.

“We need MEPs like myself who are willing to take the strong, necessary measures on climate change.”

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