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Sinn Féin demand mainstreaming of funding for women's organisations

2 November, 2005

Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Women and Older People, Newry Armagh MLA Pat O'Rawe has said that while the additional £750,000 for women's organisations is welcome it is time that government began to mainstream funding for these groups that play an important role in delivering services on the ground and tackling disadvantage.

Ms O'Rawe said:

"The approach of successive direct rule ministers to the almost constant funding crisis facing many within the community and voluntary sector, and particularly women's organisations, as a result of short term funding has not been good. Stopgap funding has to end. Women's organisations do not need 'rescue funding' they deserve mainstream funding.

"I welcome the provision of additional money to support women‚s groups in developing their services. However there must be proper recognition of the valuable role that women‚s organisations play especially in providing training, helping women back into work, in providing childcare and support in many many other areas.

"Women's organisation's require money to allow them to continue to deliver the services they are currently providing not just money to help them be more competitive against organisations that may not have either the same priorities or impact as them." ENDS

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