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Gavan calls for public protest against Trump at Shannon

5 June, 2019 - by Paul Gavan

Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan has called on the public to join this evening’s protest at Shannon against US President Donald Trump, saying:

“I am struck by the irony of the fact that he will be meeting the Taoiseach at Shannon Airport. It is not that long ago that we saw Vice President Pence give a pep talk to US troops on Irish soil in Shannon Airport, our civilian airport, except it is not a civilian airport anymore. It is constantly filled with US troops travelling to or from the various war zones of US occupation and imperialism.

“Three million US troops and their weapons have been transported through Shannon Airport to and from US wars since 2001. CIA torture rendition flights have also refuelled at Shannon Airport in direct violation of Irish neutrality and international law, including the Geneva Convention on War, the Hague Convention (V) of 1907 on neutrality, the Nuremberg principles, the UN convention against torture and the UN Charter.

“US military use of Shannon is an affront to our tradition of neutrality and an appalling stain on our record of standing up for Human Rights across the world.

“There are a host of other very valid reasons to oppose President Trump including his racism, his misogyny, his anti-Palestinian policies and his appalling denial of climate change. However, above all, it is his fuelling of the military war machine that continues to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the world that demands that we take a stand today.” 

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