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Unionist politicians oppose School Bus service - again

3 November, 2005

Sinn Féin Education Spokesperson Michael Ferguson has said that the decision taken by Unionist Politicians on the Southern Education and Library Board not to reinstate the School Bus service is an appalling lack of understanding of the needs of rural communities.

Commenting on the vote that was split 13 for reinstatement of the Bus Service and 14 against, Michael Ferguson said:

"It is obvious that Unionist Politicians have no conception of the importance of the School Bus service to schools in rural areas.

"School children and teachers along with parents from the Controlled, Maintained, Integrated and Irish School sectors were united in calling for the reinstatement of this service.

"It is a crying shame that Unionists Politicians could not join the rest of us and for once, show that we can be united particularly in defence of our children's educational entitlement.

"It is also disappointing that an un-elected member of the board had the casting vote in this instance however, Sinn Fein's Board Members and I are committed to the reinstatement of this service and we will continue to support the children, parents and teachers from all of the schools concerned.

"We have politically drawn a line in the sand in defence of school services and we will demand that the Government provides us with a real budget to support education and learning." ENDS

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