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‘Tory survey is boost for Irish unity poll’ – O’Dowd

18 June, 2019 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd has welcomed a new YouGov survey of the Tory Party which revealed that 59% of its members would be willing to see Ireland reunited providing it meant Brexit goes ahead.

The Upper Bann MLA was commenting following publication of the poll which also showed that 61% would be prepared to accept an independent Scotland in the context of Brexit.

John O’Dowd said: “We have always said that the people of Britain are perfectly entitled to pursue Brexit if that is what they wish to do and we wish them the best.

“What they are not entitled to do is drag the rest of us out with them, against our best interests and democratically expressed wishes.

“Clearly, it is now dawning on many Tory Party members that, if they are to have the kind of hard Brexit they wish to have, then the obvious solution to the impact of that on Ireland is Irish reunification.

“It is a conclusion that more and more people are coming to every day which is why poll after poll is showing greater support for Irish reunification, particularly in the context of Brexit.

“Theresa May herself said last year that she would expect an Irish unity poll to be passed. And with such overwhelming support for reunification within the self-declared conservative and unionist party, it is obviously time to begin preparing for an Irish unity referendum.”

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