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Human rights abusers must be weeded out

4 November, 2005

Sinn Féin Policing and Justice spokesperson, North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly has said that disclosures today by ex CID officer Jonty Brown underline that 'a key threat to the new beginning to policing is the political cartel of Special Branch members'.

Mr Kelly said:

"Sinn Féin have consistently highlighted evidence of institutional collusion, a culture of serious malpractice and the protection of murderers who were also state agents by the RUC Special Branch. Many of those responsible for operating the policy of collusion transferred en bloc into the PSNI. These are the people who were responsible for a policy of collusion that led directly to the death of hundreds of people.

"Ex-CID officer Jonty Brown's remarks provide one inside view of political policing and the role of the special branch 'force within a force'. Other recent disclosures have shown the protection of state agents involved in serious crime including murder and drugs; the theft and leaking of information for political effect at sensitive times in the peace process; and high profile politically motivated raids.

"This goes to underline that a key threat to the new beginning to policing and a peaceful future is the political cartel of Special Branch members, both serving and retired. What everyone wants to know is will these human rights abusers be weeded out?" ENDS

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