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‘Crash Brexit will devastate farming in the North’ – McAleer

8 August, 2019 - by Declan McAleer

The latest dire warnings from the agricultural industry demonstrate that a crash Brexit will have a devastating impact on farmers, Sinn Féin MLA Declan McAleer has said.

The party’s agriculture spokesperson was commenting after the Ulster Farmers Union (UFU) President warned that a no-deal industry will ‘devastate our industry’.

The West Tyrone MLA said:

“Ironically, the UFU president Ivor Ferguson was on the media to question the veracity of reports that 45,000 dairy cows in the North would need to be culled in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

“While questioning that figure, Ivor Ferguson conceded that a crash Brexit would be devastating for the farming industry in the North. This has been the long-standing position of the UFU but it is one that continues to be ignored by the DUP and the Tory party in their pursuit of Brexit at any cost.

“These latest dire warnings follow recent independent reports by the Irish Institute of European Affairs (IIEA) and the Department of Economy confirm that a hard Brexit will be a doomsday scenario for Irish farming and all-Ireland trade.

“Despite all of this, the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made clear his determination to go ahead with a crash-out Brexit on October 31st. He is supported and facilitated in that by the DUP who are clearly still refusing to heed the warnings of the UFU and the wider farming industry.

“The destruction of the farming industry in the North of Ireland may well be acceptable collateral damage to Boris Johnson but the DUP should explain to the people here why they are prepared to accept this as part of a hard Brexiteer Tory agenda.”

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