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Sinn Féin meet PSNI on controversial parade

12 August, 2019 - by Elisha McCallion

A Sinn Féin delegation including MP Elisha McCallion and Assembly members Raymond McCartney and Karen Mullan met with the PSNI today to discuss the handling of Saturday’s controversial Apprentice Boys Parade in the city.

Commenting afterwards, Elisha McCallion said: 

“The failure of the Apprentice Boys to adhere to an agreement that there would be no provocative displays on the parade has caused a huge deal of anger in the local community and sets back the positive progress which this city has made over recent years in terms of dealing with contentions parades.

“There was a specific agreement in place that there would be no ‘Soldier F’ or Parachute Regiment symbols given the clear hurt and offence this would cause to the Bloody Sunday families in particular.

“The fact that this agreement was broken in a deliberate attempt to antagonise victims demands rigorous investigation by the PSNI in addition to immediate action from the Apprentice Boys.

“The hurt caused by this incident was exacerbated by the incredible decision by several DUP representatives to pose for photographs beneath a banner showing support for the Parachute Regiment.

“Deliberate attempts to cause hurt and to antagonise victims should not be tolerated by any political party or by the police.

“We will continue to engage with the PSNI and other stakeholders to ensure there is no repeat of such disgraceful scenes.”

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