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Council officers reveal step up in crash Brexit preparations – Finucane

22 August, 2019

Sinn Féin councillor John Finucane has said the Tories are determined to drag the north out of the EU in a no-deal Brexit regardless of the consequences. 

The Mayor of Belfast was speaking after council officers revealed they have stepped up preparations for a no-deal Brexit.

John Finucane said:

“Belfast City Council’s Brexit committee has been told that council officers have stepped up preparations for a no-deal Brexit. 

“This is the latest indication that, despite the rhetoric coming from Downing Street, the Tories are intent on crashing out with no deal, despite the warnings of dire consequences. 

“This latest briefing deals with the potential for civil unrest, the impact on Council services and the need for by-weekly meetings to monitor preparations. 

“The north will be hit hardest by a crash-out Brexit and no amount of preparations will change that. 

“The Tories and their DUP allies are acting with a total disregard for the people of Belfast and the people of the north. 

“If the British government continues with its plan to drag the north out of the EU against their democratically expressed wishes then the people should be given the choice to vote in a referendum on Irish Unity which would see the north remain in the European Union.” 

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