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Sinn Féin publishes beef price transparency Bill - Brian Stanley TD

27 August, 2019 - by Brian Stanley TD

Sinn Féin Agriculture spokesperson Brian Stanley TD has today published the Mandatory Beef Price Transparency Bill 2019, which will provide much needed transparency for Irish farmers with regards to beef pricing through the establishment of a beef market observatory which will report on cattle prices on a daily basis.

Speaking this morning, Teachta Stanley said:

“First of all I want to urge the Minister for Agriculture Micheal Creed to reconvene talks between key stakeholders in the beef sector and I would urge him again - as I did yesterday - to do so as a matter of urgency.

“It is very clear from what the Beef Plan Movement has had to say, and from the emergence of a number of unofficial protests across the State that beef farmers are not happy with the outcome of recent talks, and it is vital that the reasonable demand of beef farmers that they receive a fair share of the end retail price is acted on.

“The reality right now is that it is pretty much impossible for beef farmers to produce at the current price they are taking and the economic reality is that current prices are unsustainable.

“A huge frustration being expressed by beef farmers right now is due to the failure of the meat industry to provide any transparency on their margins or the prices they can secure for beef on the export market. 

“What we need is beef price transparency right across the supply chain.

“Beef farmers right now have very little information on which to determine whether or not they are being given a fair price for a carcass. How is that fair? The current lack of transparency plays into the hands of the processors who are taking advantage of the situation.

“The Bill which we have produced will go some way to providing much needed transparency and this piece of legislation, entitled the ‘Mandatory Beef Price Transparency Bill 2019’, will provide for the establishment of a reliable source of data on the prices being received for beef products right throughout the supply chain.

“The Minister will be mandated to establish a beef market observatory which will report on the price of cattle per kilogram, the live weight, the dressed weight, the quality grade, and of any premiums or discounts associated with the transaction.

“Without this basic information the entire beef industry lacks credibility and leaves open the possibility of price exploitation.

“Sinn Féin wants to work with all the stakeholders in the beef sector and we want to see the Irish market develop.

“For the sector to develop, however, we need to see farmers being given a sustainable price for their beef and we hope that this piece of legislation will help to achieve that.”


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