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Sinn Féin delegation meet British and Irish Governments

14 November, 2005

Sinn Féin Chief negotiator Martin McGuinness today led a party delegation including Assembly members John O'Dowd, Geraldine Dougan, Barry McElduff and Meath County Councillor Joe Reilly.

The delegation met with the Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern and the British Secretary of State Peter Hain along with NIO Political Development Minister David Hansen.

Speaking after the meeting Mr McGuinness said:

" There are a number of outstanding matters relating to the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement which are the responsibility of the two governments alone and we need to see movement on these issues.

" Sinn Fein were here today to represent the people who elect us. The continuing failure of the DUP to do the same does a disservice to those who elect them and is hardly an example of the confident brand of unionism promised at the last election.

" The DUP like most of the local parties are critical of the decisions being taken by the Direct Rule Ministers. Decisions on Water Charges, Rates, Health and Education which will without doubt cause hardship for many within our society.

" Yet the DUP continue to block progress. They continue to stall the process which would see political institutions re-established and the Direct Rule Ministers replaced by locally accountable politicians.

" Ian Paisley told the two governments last year that the only obstacle the DUP sharing power was IRA weapons. That issue has been decisively addressed by the IRA. The challenge is now for Ian Paisley - is he going to keep his word?" ENDS

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