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Urgent meetings sought as more Republicans informed of death threats

17 November, 2005

Sinn Féin Assembly member Gerry Kelly today confirmed that more republicans, this time living in the Lower Ormeau and North Belfast areas, were informed overnight that their details were contained in the Castlereagh collusion dossier.

Mr Kelly said:

" Overnight a number of republicans in the Lower Ormeau area and in North Belfast were visited and informed that their lives were in danger from loyalist paramilitaries who had obtained their personal details. We assume that this information comes from the Castlereagh collusion file passed to unionist paramilitaries by the RIR and covered up by British Ministers, the PSNI and British Army over the past 16 months.

" I have requested urgent meetings with both the British and Irish governments to discuss this matter. I met both governments in July 2004 when this scandal first broke. It was in the course of these meetings that the British government Security Minster of the time Ian Pearson stated clearly that the missing file was not in the hands of loyalists.

" This has proven not to be the case and the effect of these denials and the subsequent cover up has been 400 people and their families have been living under threat without being informed and therefore unable to take measures to protect themselves. This situation is a scandal and as the British government through the NIO are complicit in the cover up a separate inquiry is required to get to the truth." ENDS

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