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Sinn Féin Councillor told of death threat

17 November, 2005

North Belfast Sinn Féin Councillor Margaret McClenaghan was this afternoon visited by the PSNI and informed that loyalist paramilitaries were in possession of her personal details.

Cllr. McClenaghan said:

" The PSNI visited my home earlier today and informed me that my life was in danger as they had found my details in the possession of an unspecified loyalist organisation. I can only presume that this threat relates to the information compiled by the Crown forces, removed from Castlereagh and passed onto a loyalist death squad by the RIR.

" In July 2004 I was part of a Sinn Féin delegation led by Gerry Kelly to meet with the then British Security Minister Ian Pearson. At that meeting and subsequently in the media Ian Pearson declared that the missing Castlereagh file was not in the hands of loyalists. When pressed he refused to authorise those identified as being on the list to be informed. He claimed that there was no risk to these 400 individuals or their families.

" With the information which has emerged over recent days it seems to me that Ian Pearson, the British Army and the PSNI deliberately chose to play Russian Roulette with the lives of 400 people and their families.

" If this happened in any other country or with any other regime other than Britain in Ireland there would be a massive outcry. However collusion between the British State and loyalist death squads has been a feature of British policy towards Ireland for decades." ENDS

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