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British government cannot be allowed to trample on our rights - McCallion

18 October, 2019 - by Elisha McCallion

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has said the British government cannot be allowed to trample over the rights of Irish citizens and the Good Friday Agreement. 

Speaking after addressing a rally in Guildhall Square, the Foyle MP said: 

"Today people came out on to the streets of Derry and Belfast to show their anger at this latest attempt by the British government to trample on the Good Friday Agreement. 

"There is widespread anger that the British government is blatantly disregarding the Good Friday Agreement provision that people born in the north of Ireland have the right to be Irish, British or both. 

"That right cannot and will not be taken away from us and no British court will tell us that we have to identify as British rather than Irish. 

"We need to see an end to British government reneging on Good Friday Agreement commitments." 

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