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Finucane appeals to anti-Brexit unionists

3 November, 2019

Sinn Féin councillor John Finucane has appealed to unionists opposed to Brexit to back him on December 12.

The North Belfast candidate said; 

“There are many unionists in north Belfast who voted against Brexit. These voters are not represented by Nigel Dodds, one of the chief architects of the Tory Brexit. 

“Many unionists are justly concerned about the disastrous impact of Brexit on their families and their businesses and are watching in horror as Nigel Dodds pursues a reckless Brexit.

“With the UUP withdrawing from this contest under pressure from loyalist paramilitaries, there is now no unionist candidate representing those who voted to remain in Europe.

“I pledge that I will stand against the Tory Brexit agenda on behalf of all citizens in north Belfast.

“I am appealing to unionist voters to look at Sinn Féin’s solid record of delivery, ensuring protections for the economy in the north. 

The choice is clear between an Uber-Brexiteer or a candidate who will faithfully represent the views of the majority of people - unionist, nationalist and others - who reject the disaster of Brexit.”

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