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Tactical voting will not protect South Antrim from Brexit - Kearney

9 December, 2019 - by Declan Kearney

Sinn Féin MLA and candidate in the forthcoming Westminster election, Declan Kearney said the election on 12 December comes down to a straight choice between the strongest Leave and the strongest Remain candidates.

Speaking today the South Antrim candidate said:

“The Westminster election on the 12 December presents a stark choice for voters in South Antrim. That choice is to back Leave or to reject Brexit by voting for the strongest Remain candidate standing in this constituency.

“Brexit has been driven by a reckless Tory and DUP agenda, disregarding any concerns raised about the impact on the north of Ireland and the island of Ireland as a whole.

“It will be a disaster for the local economy in South Antrim. It will destroy small and medium enterprise, reduce funding for agricultural and rural programmes, and decimate funding for the community and voluntary sector.

“Sinn Féin has relentlessly opposed Brexit at all levels and successfully secured concrete protections, by using our political strength and influence in Brussels, Dublin and in the United States.

“Sinn Féin is the strongest and most consistent anti Brexit party in South Antrim.

“Our Party has ensured that the British government will not be permitted to leave the EU, unless there are firm guarantees for the north remaining in the Customs Union, Single Market and with full protection for the Good Friday Agreement, and our all Ireland economy.

“While others have dithered, Sinn Féin has delivered - and we have done so where it really matters - right at the heart of the EU.

“As a member of our Party's national leadership I have been to the fore in advancing Sinn Féin's pro Remain strategy across Europe, and here at home.

“On the 12 December, in South Antrim, I am calling on the local electorate to renew my mandate as the strongest opponent of Brexit in this constituency, and as the most influential advocate for remaining within the EU.”

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