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Commemorating the RIC has nothing to do with a United Ireland - Martin Kenny TD

8 January, 2020 - by Martin Kenny TD

Responding to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s suggestion that the controversy over commemorating the RIC and DMP means that Irish unity is further away, Sinn Féin spokesperson for Justice and Equality Martin Kenny TD said:

“It is a ludicrous suggestion from the Taoiseach that the achievement of a united Ireland and the commemoration of the RIC and DMP are connected.

“The Taoiseach is showing, not for the first time this week, that he is out of touch with public opinion. Support for Irish unity is growing day by day as people realise that the next chapter of our history is unification.

"It is the future and it is going to happen. Among other factors, Brexit has caused many to reconsider their long-held opinions and look for alternatives.

“It appears that the Taoiseach believes the unionist community in Ireland has no ideology but state terrorism, as evidenced by the actions of the RIC, Black and Tans and DMP. 

“We wouldn't ask them to forget their community’s pain, hurt and suffering in times of conflict on this island, and I do not believe they expect us to do so either.

“A truly united Ireland will be one where everyone will be honest and explore our past in an open and intelligent way.

"I believe the unionist community is as capable of this as republicans are, and that both communities are able to understand the complexities of our past.

“This open and intelligent debate, recognising the truth of all of the last century is the way forward and will speed the progress of this nation growing together in a united, democratic republic.”

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