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Sinn Féin challenge NILGA to back equality and power sharing

25 November, 2005

Sinn Féin Omagh councillor Sean Begley speaking at today's full meeting of NILGA has challenged the organisation to back equality and power sharing at local government level.

Cllr Begley said:

"Sinn Féin are the only political party to support the 7 council model proposed under the Review of Public Administration.

"We believe it is the only model that provides protection for all minorities. It would ensure that within each and every council area there would be a minority of at least 25%.

"Those who advocate 11 or 15 are failing to tell people that this would result in significant minorities being trapped within council areas where their rights would not be represented or protected.

"Along with the equality and power sharing approach that Sinn Féin insisted upon from the British government Sinn Féin believe that there is an onus on others to come clean about the real reasons they oppose the 7 council model.

"NILGA has been sadly silent on the discrimination and politics of exclusion that still operates on a number of unionist dominated councils. If the body is genuine about concerns about representation then it needs to commit itself to equality and power sharing at local government level." ENDS

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