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It is a time for honesty, not petty political games - McCann

16 March, 2020 - by Fra McCann

Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast, Fra McCann, has reiterated Sinn Féin's opposition to a pay increase for MLAs and called for an end to petty political games.

Speaking today, McCann said:

“The comments by People Before Profit are misleading but typically of the petty politics that People Before Profit engage in.

“In fact, all Sinn Fein MLAs have not taken the increase but have returned this directly to the public purse.

“Sinn Féin TDs also recently returned a pay increase to the Exchequer in the South.

I challenge Gerry Carroll to tell us if he is receiving this pay rise and if so what he has done to return this to the public services that so desperately need it.

 “The misinformation being spread by People Before Profit for seemingly political gain, at the time of a public health crisis, is deplorable and a complete dereliction of responsibility.

“While other political representatives prioritise the health of citizens and work collectively to develop a coordinated and effective all-Ireland approach to overcome the COVID19 challenge, Gerry Carroll is focused on the immature and irresponsible politics so typical of People Before Profit. 

“This is a time for honesty and unity of purpose, not petty political games. I will be interested to see how transparent Gerry Carroll is with his MLA salary.”  

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