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Serious concerns around Port Tunnel

5 December, 2005

Sinn Féin councillor Dessie Ellis has put an Emergency Motion to Dublin City Council tonight following representations made to him by a number of people associated with the Port Tunnel project. Concerns have been expressed about aspects of the construction process, in particular the roof of the tunnel, and Cllr Ellis‚ motion tonight is seeking further information.

Cllr Ellis, the Sinn Féin candidate in Dublin North-West for the next general election, said: „In the last couple of weeks I have been contacted by a number of people associated with the Port Tunnel project and knowledgeable about its workings who are concerned about specific aspects of the construction process.

„These include doubts over the ability of the lead company, Mowlem Engineering, to complete the project, and reports of a serious structural problem in the roof of the Tunnel, which is the responsibility of another company.

„I am raising the issue in City Council tonight to try and get clarity on the matter and to see if it is possible to confirm these suggested problems. If there is a problem with the Port Tunnel it is important that the information is out in the public domain.‰ ENDS

Text of Emergency Motion:

That given the concerns surrounding Mowlem Engineering Company, who is responsible for the development of the Port Tunnel, would the manager confirm if this company is about to go into liquidation or if he has any knowledge of them seeking a loan to continue the development of the Port Tunnel and could the City Engineer make a statement to confirm or deny if there are any serious concrete problems with the roof of the port tunnel.

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