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Action Plan To Deliver Political Institutions Required

6 December, 2005

Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty departs for London today for a series of meetings with MPs and other interested groups. Speaking before his departure Mr Doherty called on the two governments to bring forward an action plan which would see the political institutions re-established.

Mr Doherty said:

" We are now four months on from the historic announcement by the IRA in July formally ending the armed campaign. Unionism has had ample space and time to come to terms with the new political realities created by that initiative.

" We cannot allow the political process to simply drift along hoping that the DUP will finally display the necessary political courage or will. Thetwo governments have an obligation to inject momentum into this process. We need to see an action plan for the governments leading us back into the all-Ireland power sharing institutions.

" The DUP have in the past stated that the only obstacle to power sharing was the issue of IRA weapons. That issue has been decisively dealt with. It now remains to be seen if the DUP can live up to their slogan of a new confident unionism. So far they have turned away from the difficult business of taking up ministerial responsibility and delivering for the people who elect them, preferring instead to stand back and watch from the sidelines as the Direct Rule Administration continue to make bad decisions for all of the people who live here." ENDS

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