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Sinn Féin want a government that will protect the interests of workers and families - Pearse Doherty

6 April, 2020 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Pearse Doherty

Sinn Féin deputy Dáil leader Pearse Doherty TD said this afternoon that Sinn Féin want a Government for Change that will stand up for workers and families

.He said: "Sinn Féin’s sole interest is a government that protects the interests of ordinary people.

"It is quite incredible that in the middle of a national emergency, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are still trying to exclude the party that won the most votes in the general election.

"They are being dishonest with the public and their attempt to carve up power between them is what is delaying the formation of a government at this time.

"They know that Sinn Féin in government will mean the voice of ordinary people being heard in the corridors of power.

"While many things have changed since the general election, what hasn’t changed is the need for the biggest public housing building programme in the history of the State, or the need for sustained investment in our public health service, or the need for workers and families to get a break.

"In the last few days, two things have happened which re-enforce the need for a government that stands up for ordinary people.  

"Firstly, the Taoiseach suggested that people on very low wages were trying to profiteer from a €350 weekly Covid-19 payment.

"He then compounded that by relaxing the rules so that very wealthy people can maintain their tax exile status while living here throughout this crisis.

"This is why the voice of our voters needs to be heard and that is why we need a Government for Change that will protect the interests of workers and families."

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