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Kearney urges strict adherence to Covid-19 advice in face of dangerous surge

10 April, 2020 - by Declan Kearney

Sinn Féin MLA and Minister in the Executive Office, Declan Kearney has appealed for the public to continue exercising strict adherence to the Covid-19 advice, especially during the coming days and weeks as we face into an expected surge.

The South Antrim MLA said:

“I have been heartened by the overall response of the public to the emergency measures put in place to help stop the spread of Coronavirus infection and ease the pressure on our health service. Those who have complied with these measures thus far are to be commended for their assistance in effectively tackling this pandemic. 

“However, as recent observations have indicated, there remain those in society who have yet to be convinced of the importance of social distancing and who, by their actions are placing the wider community at serious risk.

“Compliance with the regulations must be urgently maximised because we are facing into a predicted surge in Covid-19 cases. This is now potentially the most dangerous period since the pandemic began to spread within our community. It will bring significant, increased pressures upon our doctors, nurses, health care workers, and emergency services. How we meet that challenge in the coming days and weeks will determine how soon we can overcome the Coronavirus pandemic - save lives and maintain public health.

“I am therefore appealing to the public to renew their commitment and continue to follow all advice in relation to the measures required to help the fight against Covid-19.

“We owe it to ourselves, our families and wider community to act responsibly and sustain the solidarity we have built up over recent weeks. I am asking everyone to stay at home, to stay safe, and give our health service the best possible chance to maintain its resilience in the time ahead.”

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