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Séan Crowe selected as Sinn Féin candidate to contest Dublin South West

9 December, 2005

Séan Crowe TD has been selected as Sinn Féin's candidate to contest the Dublin South West constituency at the general election. Deputy Crowe was selected unopposed at a selection convention which took place in Tallaght last night. The meeting was chaired by Cllr. Tony Smithers who represents the Ballyfermot local election area and it was also addressed by guest speaker Mary Lou McDonald MEP.

Addressing the convention following his selection, Mr. Crowe said: “I am honored to have been selected here tonight to contest the next election on behalf of Sinn Féin in Dublin South West.

“I am very much aware of the challenge which this party will face if we are to retain this seat at the next election. However, I am confident that the people of Dublin South West will respond to the hard work which Sinn Féin have been involved in the constituency over many years and not just since the last election.

Deputy Crowe also spoke about his motivation and reason for accepting the nomination, “While the establishment parties are happy to simply continue on with the current system of government I and Sinn Féin are committed to brining about real change in our society. In Dublin South West many people are forced to live in poverty, deprived of opportunity in education and personal development, this deprivation is happening at a time when growth and prosperity in the economy is higher than ever in the 26 counties. I have, and will continue, to challenge the government on the issue in the remainder of the current Dail, and if elected, after the next general election also. The people of Dublin South West deserve, and I will demand, their right to share in the prosperity of the nation. I see this as my major priority as an elected rep for this area.

Deputy Crowe also spoke on the prospects of the party being returned to the Dáil in Dublin South West, “Because we are working hard for the people of Dublin South West I see absolutely no evidence of people withdrawing their support for the party. On the contrary I believe, and the discussions I have with the people in the area would support this position, is that support for the party and its policies is actually growing. And this growth is not simply restricted to working class areas, the policies of this party and the message that a ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" >New Ireland can be created, a fair Ireland based on equality of opportunity for all citizens, is finding an ever increasing resonance with all of the constituents of Dublin South West.

Séan also paid tribute all those who have committed their time, energy and enthusiasm to the party over many years. “The growth and development of this party in Dublin South West is a direct result of all those who give their time so willingly to create the vision of a New Ireland. I am also aware of all those who worked so hard for the party over the years and have since passed on and so have not been present to see the huge strides which this party has made. The position we find ourselves in Dublin South West is as a result of all of these collective efforts. I also want to ask all of those present to continue this effort and commitment to the party, the road ahead will be hard and it will present great challenges to us as republicans, but it is effort and work which we should be very willing to do because we are happy in the knowledge that what we are trying to do is right for the people of Ireland. As Bobby Sands wrote ‘Everybody has their part to play”, I am asking all of you to rise to the challenge and play your part also.” Ends.

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