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There must be progress in New Year - Gerry Adams

13 December, 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams speaking today at the launch of 'Mná na hÉireann, Unfinished Revolution' a series of cards outlining the positive role played over the past 200 years by Irish Republican women, said that: This year has witnessed significant initiatives by republicans to create the conditions for forward progress. While republicans remain ready, willing and able to play our full part in advancing the political process the onus to break the current stalemate rests with the two governments and the DUP'

Mr. Adams said:

"The IRA announcement to formally end its armed campaign is now five months old. The weapons issue was also decisively resolved several months ago.

Republican initiatives have cleared the way and removed any excuses for delay. Immediately after the Christmas period Sinn Féin believes it will be long past the time for the two governments to make a real effort to see substantial progress.

Between now and then the challenge for the DUP is to decide whether or not it is up to working with Sinn Féin and the other parties to manage the political, social and economic affairs of the people of this part of Ireland in their interests.

The Church leaders, business people, civic unionism need to use this time to send a clear message to the DUP that further prevarication is not acceptable.

Direct rule is a failure - a costly political and financial failure. The onus is on the DUP to ensure that the tough decisions that have to be taken on health and education and rates and water charges and all the other matters which affect peoples daily lives are taken by politicians here and not by unaccountable direct rule Ministers.

The governments must make clear to that party that there is only one way forward and that is through the Good Friday Agreement. The British government especially cannot allow the rejectionist position of the DUP to delay, frustrate or block progress."ENDS

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