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SF member expelled as securocrats role in collapsing Executive exposed - Adams

16 December, 2005

Sinn Féin has revealed that a member of the party in Belfast, Denis Donaldson,  was expelled last night after it was uncovered that he had been working as a British agent. Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams will hold a press conference today at 4pm (Friday 16th) in the Joyce Room in the Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin.
Speaking in Dublin this morning Mr. Adams said:
“The nature of British rule in Ireland is that for a very long time it has been driven by a security agenda, with policy dictated  by British Intelligence,   state police and military agencies.  The Good Friday Agreement  is, as much as anything else,  about  ending  that.
“The collapse of the power sharing government  was blamed on allegations of a Sinn Fein spy ring at Stormont.  
“The fact is that there was no Sinn Féin spy ring at Stormont.   
The fact is that this was a carefully constructed lie created by the Special Branch in order to cause maximum political impact.
The fact is that the collapse of the political institutions was a direct result of the actions of some of those who run the intelligence and policing system of the British.
The fact is that the key person at the centre of those events was a Sinn Féin member who was a British agent.
“This is entirely the responsibility of the British government.
“What is clear is that there are those within the PSNI and the intelligence agencies  who are a law onto themselves, who use informers,  spies and agents  and  who are operating to their own agenda  with no accountability.   They are manipulating the situation for their own narrow ends.  They have sought to undermine Sinn Féin and are working against the implementation  of the Good Friday Agreement which is the publicly stated policy of the British and Irish governments. The British Prime Minister and the Taoiseach have to wake up to this reality.   
“Sinn Féin has been very conscious of the negative role being played by elements within the British system and we have raised these matters consistently with both governments.  If Britain’s war is over then the British Prime Minister needs to come to terms with the fact that he has to end the activities of the securocrats.  This entire episode underlines the need for an end to political policing. That, and defending the Good Friday  Agreement remains the focus of Sinn Féin.” ENDS


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