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British have to rein in Dissidents - Adams

18 December, 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP will tomorrow meet the British Secretary of State Peter Hain. Mr. Adams asked for the urgent meeting following the revelation of the role of Denis Donaldson as a Special Branch agent for 20 years. The Sinn Féin President will raise with Mr. Hain the "damaging role of those within the various British policing and intelligence agencies who are actively working to subvert and undermine the peace process."

Mr. Adams held a lengthy conversation by phone with the British Secretary of State on Saturday.

Speaking today Mr. Adams said:

"Sinn Fein has not been alone in identifying elements within the British system who have been involved for many years in a planned, systematic campaign to undermine the peace process. Senator George Mitchell, Chris Patten and even Hugh Orde have all spoken of those within the British system working against the peace process and the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

Despite the intrigues of these dissident elements significant progress has been made. However more would have been achieved, and more quickly but for their plotting.

Following the historically significant initiatives by the IRA in recent months a new opportunity has been opened up to make progress. The New Year will see important efforts being made to restore the political institutions. All of this is at risk because of these dissident elements within the British system.

The onus to stop this lies with the British government. It has to take whatever steps are necessary to rein in the wreckers who are opposing British government policy. And there has to be an end to political policing.

If we are really in a process in which everyone is committed to purely peaceful and democratic means then that must also apply to the British system. If the war is over for the British government then it has to end the war mentality and activities of elements of its own system.

Failure to do this condemns the process to a never ending cycle of crisis." ENDS

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