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FF clearly divided over Fisheries Bill - Ferris

20 December, 2005

Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Fisheries, Martin Ferris TD has claimed that Fianna  Fáil  is  clearly divided over the Government’s approach to the new fisheries  legislation. Deputy Ferris was referring to the fact that Fianna
Fáil  MEPs  have  made  statements  in the European Parliament opposing the
thrust  of  the  measures  contained  in  the  Sea  Fisheries  and Maritime
Jurisdiction  Bill.  Last week, Munster MEP Brian Crowley supported the use
of administrative rather than judicial sanctions against fishermen found to
be in breach of regulations, and referred to the much higher level of fines
currently imposed in Ireland compared to other EU member states.

Deputy  Ferris  said:  “Brian  Cowley’s  statement  in  the  Parliament  in
opposition  to  the  type  of  measures  contained  in the Government’s new
fishing bill, confirms the fact that there are deep divisions within Fianna
Fáil regarding this issue. As the debate here proved, there are many in the
party  who share my own view and that of the fishing organisations that the
new legislation is unacceptable. I welcome this and hope that it may signal
the  beginning  of  a  campaign to radically reform the manner in which the
Irish fisheries have been mismanaged under the Common Fisheries Policy, and
to attempt to save this important natural resource before it is destroyed.”

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