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SDLP Leader Accused Of Dishonesty And Distortion

21 December, 2005

Martin McGuinness has accused the SDLP leader Mark Durkan of distortion, dishonesty and downright lies. In a fierce criticism of the SDLP leader, Mr McGuinness said.

"Recent comments by the SDLP, and in particular Mark Durkan's vitriolic attack on Sinn Fein last evening, are dispicable. The SDLP appear determined to attack Sinn Fein for everything that happens regardless of the facts.

"The reality is that the British state orchestrated state killing through collusion. The British state continues to cover-up collusion. The same British state agencies operated the spy-ring at Stormont and brought the political institutions down.

"And what is the SDLP response? They blame Sinn Fein.

"The current SDLP interest in collusion is in stark contrast to their silence when collusion was bringing death and suffering to many families. The SDLP failed to raise this issue in Westminster or in Europe. In fact, when victims of collusion lobbied MPs at Westminster and MLAs the SDLP, including Mark Durkan ignored them. How does Mark Durkan explain that. Not one SDLP MLA turned up to meet the victims of collusion.

"Yet now they accuse Sinn Fein which was a primary target of the death squads of collusion to hide the truth. That is a barefaced lie. At both a political and a personal level I deeply resent their dishonesty on this issue. I lost close friends and colleagues as a result of collusion at a time when the SDLP was supporting the RUC and dismissing collusion as Sinn Féin propaganda.

The SDLP record in tackling the issue of collusion is abysmal when compared with Sinn Fein's. The reality is that the SDLP through heir support for the PSNI and their membership of the policing Board are now part of the policing
establishment." ENDS

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