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Adams - Who cares for the carers?

22 December, 2005

Sinn Féin President, West Belfast MP Gerry Adams has said that the failure
to support our carers is a damming indictment on government policy and
committed the party to a campaign to highlight lack of services and support
for the hundreds and thousands of carers in Ireland and the injustices many
carers face.

Mr Adams said:

"Throughout Ireland there are many hundreds and thousands of people who
provide care for the ones they love. Carers are looking after their parents,
their children, their partners, friends and other relatives. Families that
have made the decision to care for their loved ones at home should be given
as much assistance as possible. They are coping with physical and mental
disability, with disability caused by aging. Yet in far too many cases they
are not getting the support the need.

"Respite is a much-needed facility. However, there is a shortage in the
provision of respite care. There are also significant gaps in the provision
of Care packages for children and adults with disability. There is a deficit
in the provision of mental health services particularly for children.

"We need urgent action to address a situation that means that many people
living with disability are left with little or no support. This means that
we need a comprehensive strategy to improve services and the provision of
care packages and improve support for carers. All of this also requires a
financial commitment.

"Sinn Fein is seeking an urgent meeting with Sean Woodward to discus this
issue. When we meet with the Department one of our priorities will to secure
more resources to secure additional respite beds.

Sinn Féin are demanding:
· Additional resources to secure additional respite beds
· A comprehensive strategy to improve services and the provision of care
· Resources to tackle the delay in care packages being put in place during
the transition period from Child services to Adult services

"Care should be continuous and should be based on the need of the individual
and not their age and families should be kept fully informed during this
transition period." ENDS

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