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Sinn Féin MPs write to Irish and British Governments on abuse of prisoners in Bahrain

16 July, 2020 - by Francie Molloy MP

The Sinn Féin MP Team have written to the British Foreign Office and the Minister For Foreign Affairs in Dublin to express concern surrounding the case of Mohammed Ramadhan and Husain Ali Moosa in Bahrain who are currently facing a death sentence.

Speaking the MP for Mid Ulster Francie Molloy said:

"We have written to both the Dublin and London Governments to express our concerns surrounding the cases of Mr Ramadhan and Mr Moosa, and in particular the allegations of torture in their supposed confessions.

“Mr Ramadhan and Mr Moosa were sentenced to death in 2014 for the killing of a policeman. 

“However, Mr Ramadhan has continuously denied any involvement in the killing and said he has been subjected to beatings and electrocution.

“Meanwhile, Mr Moosa has said he was coerced into his ‘confession’ and the incrimination of Mohamed Ramadhan after being suspended by his limbs and beaten for several days. 

“In recent months we have seen the emergence of evidence from the Bahraini government itself supporting these reports of torture.

“Despite this acknowledgement of torture to secure confessions, the court system has upheld the decision to put them to death. 

“We are writing to ask for diplomatic intervention and condemnation on behalf of all Bahraini torture victims. 

 “The international community cannot stand by and allow for violations of due process and justice.

“Reports of torture and the noted rise in death penalty sentences since 2017 in Bahrain are cause for considerable concern. It also sets a disturbing new precedent.

“As Irish Republicans, we have seen the horrific impact that forced 'confessions' and miscarriages of justice can have; from the Hooded Men, to the Guilford Four, to the Birmingham Six and other cases. 

“We hope that both the Irish and British Governments will utilise whatever influence they might have to ensure that these torture allegations are independently investigated and that they are granted a fair trial."

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