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DUP only party opposed to moving forward

9 January, 2006

Sinn Féin Assembly Group Leader John O'Dowd today said that the only party
who seemed to be opposed to a restoration of the political institutions was
the DUP.

Mr O'Dowd said:

" Both governments have in recent times indicated that it is their wish to
see the political institutions put back in place in the time ahead. Indeed
the British Secretary of State Peter Hain over the weekend repeated a view
shared by ourselves that continuing with the Assembly in its current state
is not sustainable.

" The only party who have set themselves against a restoration of the power
sharing political institutions is the DUP. They seem content to allow
British Direct Rule Ministers to carry on taking bad decisions which are
impacting negatively on people across our society while happily continuing
to claim salaries for an Assembly which they are preventing from doing its

" Sinn Féin Assembly members are keen to get back to doing what we were
elected to do. The pretext for the British government suspension of the
institutions in the first instance has been removed. There can be no valid
or legitimate reason for continuing to stall." ENDS

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