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Boylan raises school transport arrangements with ministers

18 August, 2020 - by Cathal Boylan

Sinn Féin MLA and Infrastructure spokesperson Cathal Boylan has written to the ministers for Education and Infrastructure about transport arrangements for schoolchildren in the lead up to schools reopening in the north.

The MLA stated:

"The Education Minister along with the Minister for Infrastructure should fully explore ways to allow students greater space to better adhere to public health guidance on their school journeys. 

“For example, there are buses throughout the north which are not fully operating due to the economic effects of Covid-19,  and which could potentially be utilised at this time. 

“This additional capacity could allow for social distancing to be better followed on school journeys, while possibly generating work for a hard-hit sector.

"I have written to the ministers on this important issue, and as parts of society begin to re-open we must be vigilant as ever and ensure that public health guidelines are followed to the best of our ability."

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