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Brexit fears will not be allayed by leaks, confusion and misinformation - Hazzard

8 September, 2020 - by Chris Hazzard MP

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said the concerns of the business community in the north will not be allayed by the leaks, confusion and misinformation coming from the British government on Brexit. 

Chris Hazzard said: 

"The business community in the north is crying out for certainty on Brexit but all they are getting from the British government is confusion, leaks and misinformation. 

"The British Secretary of State talked today about providing certainty and a safety net for businesses in the north but they are none the wiser following his statement and have little confidence in his words, particularly when he admitted that his government's approach will breach international law. 

"The fact is there is a safety net in place and it is the Irish Protocol which contains vital protections for the economy in the north, protections for the Good Friday Agreement and avoids any hardening of the border. 

"The British government is engaged in a high wire act on Brexit and has shown total and utter disregard for the north and now it appears it is conspiring to remove the only safety net there is by undermining and hollowing out the Irish Protocol. 

"The Withdrawal Agreement is an international agreement and it must be maintained and protected in order to protect our economy and our peace agreements."

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