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New research confirms EU-Mercosur trade deal contradicts EU Green New Deal - Senator Boylan

9 September, 2020 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin’s Climate Justice Spokesperson, Senator Lynn Boylan, has welcomed research by the University of Oxford and The Nature Conservancy highlighting how the EU-Mercosur trade deal is in direct contradiction to the EU’s own Green New Deal.

Ms Boylan said:

“This research confirms what we already know - the Mercosur Trade Deal will have a hugely negative impact on farmers, the safety of our food, and the climate.

"At a time when the EU are promoting their Green New Deal it beggars belief that they would continue to push ahead with the EU-Mercosur deal. 

"The Green New Deal commits to no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, yet beef and soy livestock feed from the Mercosur block has some of the highest emissions in the world. 

"If Mercosur went ahead emissions will rise by 1.3 gigatons, 3% of annual emissions.

"The Green New Deal also commits to leaving no person and no place behind, yet Irish farmers will be expected to compete with big agri-business who cut costs through low pesticide and environmental regulations. 

"193 chemicals that are banned in the EU have been authorised for use in pesticides and weed killers by the Bolsonaro Government. These chemicals include Paraquat which has been banned in the EU since 2007 and Acephate banned since 2000. 

"Mercosur comes after a long line of agreements that promised jobs and growth for workers but in reality, only deliver for multinationals and investors. 

"If we are to stand over our Paris Agreement Commitments and the principles set out in the Green New Deal then the Irish Government must call stop on Mercosur. “

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