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The Good Friday Agreement is the only show in town

16 January, 2006

Sinn Féin MP for West Tyrone Pat Doherty today said that the two governments needed now to make it clear that the only way forward was the roadmap set out in the Good Friday Agreement. Mr. Doherty's comments came after the DUP leader Ian Paisley indicated that he was still unwilling to commit his party to power sharing on the basis of equality and respect.

Mr. Doherty said:

" Today's comments by Ian Paisley indicated that he is seeking to subvert the Good Friday Agreement which was voted for by the vast majority of Irish people in the referenda of 1998 is a challenge to the two governments.

" They have an obligation to stand by the Agreement and its power sharing core. This includes the power sharing Executive. Sinn Fein will not countenance a move away from the fundamental principles which underpin the GFA.

" While Ian Paisley refuses to share power with nationalists and republicans on the basis of equality and respect Direct Rule Ministers continue to take bad decisions which impact adversely on people right across this community.

"The DUP cannot be allowed to continue to block forward movement towards the re-establishment of the political institutions. Republicans have delivered on every commitment given. It is now time for others to do likewise. But let me make it very clear to the DUP and the two governments Sinn Fein will not countenance agreeing to anything less than the provisions demanded by the Good Friday Agreement." ENDS

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