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Reconciliation must be next stage of the Irish Peace Process - Kearney

21 September, 2020 - by Declan Kearney

In marking International Day of Peace, Sinn Féin National Chairperson, Junior Minister in the Northern Executive and South Antrim MLA, Declan Kearney, has called for the Irish Peace Process to be moved to the next stage of reconciliation. 

“Shaping Peace Together is the theme for today’s International Day of Peace.

“Today is an appropriate opportunity to engage with the global challenge of building a safer, peaceful and more just world while also recognising the need not to take our own peace process for granted.”

“Millions of lives have been ruined by the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions more endure continuing hunger and poverty. Those living in conflict, those seeking asylum and those suffering political oppression have been most adversely affected during this period of global uncertainty. 

“From the onset of the pandemic we have been reminded that nothing can be taken for granted. 

“Now is the time for global leadership to end division and to build a future defined by a commitment to protect and extend human rights, economic justice and environmental sustainability.

“Locally, we too have our own challenges caused by the imposition of an anti-democratic Brexit agenda which has sharpened existing deep divisions.

“There is an obligation on us all - in civic and political life - to demand zero tolerance towards sectarianism, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, or misogyny in society. 

“The need to continue our own Peace Process is beyond doubt. But its achievement and progress to date cannot be taken for granted.

“This International Peace Day allows us all to recommit to our peace process. 

“Now more than ever it is crucial that we move forward by opening up a new phase of our peace process, based upon reconciliation and healing." 

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