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SDLP endorsement of IMC is latest departure from GFA

18 January, 2006

Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy today said that the very vocal support for the IMC exercising a veto over the political process being expressed by the SDLP was the latest departure from the Good Friday Agreement by that party.

Mr Murphy said:

"Following swiftly on from the publication by the SDLP of proposals to replace the power sharing Executive with British government appointed Commissioners and their talks with the DUP and UUP on measures well short of the Agreement the SDLP have now voiced support for the IMC exercising a veto over the political process.

"The IMC is not part of the Good Friday Agreement, it was set up outside the terms of that Agreement and is little more than a vehicle used by the securocrats to further frustrate efforts to see progress made towards the re-establishment of the political institutions and the implementation of the other outstanding matters.

"It is deeply worrying that the SDLP having originally publicly expressed reservations about the establishment of the IMC outside the terms of the Agreement are now publicly endorsing the body. This taken with the failure of the SDLP to remove their Commissioner model from the table continues to give succour to those within rejectionist unionism who remain opposed to the Good Friday Agreement and in particular opposed to power sharing on the basis of equality and respect.

"Nationalists and republicans however should be clear that despite the current position being adopted by the SDLP departing from the Good Friday Agreement, Sinn Féin will not countenance settling for less that the Agreement in any future talks or negotiations." ENDS

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