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Kelly concerned at legislation to protect state agents

24 September, 2020 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has raised very serious concerns around legislation being discussed in Westminster which would permit MI5 and police agents to break the law. 


The Sinn Féin policing spokesperson said: 


“Today the British parliament will discuss legislation that, if passed, would permit MI5 and police agents to break the law without fear of prosecution. 


“This is the British Government placing agents above the rule of law and giving a green light to carry out serious crimes which could include murder. 


“Ironically, the British Government has given a commitment that agents will comply with the EU Human Rights Act – however, this is the same Human Rights Act that the British Government have indicated that they plan to dismantle as part of their manic Brexit.  


“In Ireland, we know that this amnesty for agents is nothing new. 


"Throughout the conflict, British state agents were allowed to carry out countless killings – many under direction of intelligence agencies, RUC and the British Government itself. 


"No one should be above the rule of law. British state agents must be accountable for their crimes.”

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