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Molloy responds to Charlie Flanagan 'Unquiet Graves' comments

2 October, 2020 - by Francie Molloy

Sinn Féin MP Francie Molloy has said the intervention by Charlie Flanagan TD on 'Unquiet Graves' is a desperate attempt to detract from the film’s findings. 


The Mid-Ulster MP said:  


“The intervention by Charlie Flannigan TD on ‘Unquiet Graves’ represents a desperate attempt by the former Justice Minister to distract from the findings of a ground-breaking documentary.   


“Over 210,000 people tuned into ‘Unquiet Graves’ when it was screened on RTÉ. The revelations on the extent of British state collusion with loyalist death squads has sent shockwaves across Irish society.  


“In great detail, the documentary exposes how the Glenanne Gang acted with impunity in the sectarian murder of around 120 people in Mid-Ulster’s ‘Murder Triangle’, Dublin and Monaghan. 


“Instead of joining the growing numbers supporting the grieving families’ campaign for truth, Charlie Flanagan has instead placed his energy into attempting to undermine the team behind the documentary.  


“The ‘Unquiet Graves’ production team carried out tireless research into collusion in Mid-Ulster and to be frank, their conclusions are indisputable.  


"Not only are these conclusions reinforced by first-hand accounts of those directly involved in the Glenanne Gang and their victims, but also by British Government documentation. 


“Charlie Flanagan also raised questions around whether RTÉ should have screened the film at all.  


“This is not all that surprising given that Fine Gael operated the section 31 Broadcasting Ban while in Government during the conflict, striping many in the North of their voice when raising concerns around collusion and the murder of Irish citizens. 


“This is also the same Charlie Flanagan who was cheerleading for a commemoration for the Black and Tans who inflicted misery and destruction on our island.


 “I sincerely hope that Charlie Flanagan’s colleagues in Government do not tread the same path, but instead join in full support and solidarity with the families' campaign.” 

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