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Sinn Féin leadership sets out steps necessary to end the stalemate

22 January, 2006

Sinn Féin MP for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy today repeated his party's demand for the British and Irish governments to act now to end the stalemate in the political process.

Speaking after a meeting of the Sinn Féin leadership in Dublin over the weekend Mr Murphy said:

"Our weekend discussion provided an opportunity for activists from across the island to come together and chart out a course for the coming 12 months. It is very clear that 2006 is the year that the two governments have to finally act and ensure the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Continuing with a suspended Assembly and the farce of Direct Rule Ministers in the North is simply not sustainable.

"The Good Friday Agreement is the democratic option. The two governments have been mandated by the people of Ireland to implement it. This reality cannot be subverted by rejectionist unionism in the DUP or anti peace process securocrats in the PSNI or IMC.
"The initiatives taken last year by the IRA have cleared the decks of excuses not to move forward. What we need now is the speedy restoration of the political institutions and this has to be the focus of the discussions
in early February.

"We have been in contact with both governments at the highest levels and made it clear that the onus is now on them to advance the process and re-establish the political institutions.

"What this requires in real terms is an end to the suspension of the political institutions and the d'honte mechanism for electing the Executive should be triggered. This in itself has the potential to inject badly needed momentum into the political process.

"We are going into the next short period determined to make progress and determined to see the promise of the Good Friday Agreement delivered including on the other range of outstanding matters not directly linked to the restoration of power sharing. Others also must display the same political will" ENDS

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