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IMC operating outside the terms of the GFA

30 January, 2006

Speaking as the IMC delivered its latest report to the two governments Sinn Féin MP for Newry & Armagh Conor Murphy today said that it was time to end the negative role played by the IMC and remove the veto it is attempting to exercise over peoples democratic rights and entitlements.

Mr Murphy said:

"It has now been well established that the IMC is little more than a tool of British securocrats hostile to the development of the peace process. It compiles reports based totally on information supplied by the political detectives, the same people who engineered the collapse of the political institutions in 2002.

"The IMC operates entirely outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. It is attempting to exercise a veto over the democratic rights and entitlements of people on this island and the time has long since passed to end the negative role this body plays in the wider peace process.

"Given the make-up of the IMC their reports and recommendations are politically loaded, discriminatory and they subvert the democratic rights of the electorate who voted for the Agreement." ENDS

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