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McCann calls for clarity following censoring of Omagh and Fermanagh Council motion

30 November, 2020 - by Stephen McCann

Sinn Féin Councillor on Fermanagh and Omagh Council Stephen McCann has called for urgent clarity on the censoring of a motion proposing to create space for planning constitutional change in Ireland as the centenary of the Government of Ireland Act approaches.


Councillor McCann said:  

“This December marks the 100th anniversary of the Government of Ireland Act being passed resulting in the partitioning of the island of Ireland. 

“The partitioning of Ireland has been detrimental to the social, economic and political development of our island. 

“100 years on, partition continues to fail all the citizens of this island.  


“The censoring of a motion on the need to create space for dialogue on how we build a better future and a new Ireland by Chair of Fermanagh and Omagh Council, Chris Smyth, is reckless and unnecessary.  


“Chair Smyth has failed to provide any rationale for why he ruled the motion to be incomplete and inadmissible.  


“There are very serious and genuine concerns that the decision by Chris Smyth to rule this motion as inadmissible is politically motivated.


“In the absence of any explanation for this move, Sinn Féin will be considering legal advice. 

"There is an unstoppable conversation underway on the constitutional future of our island and the creation of a new Ireland. 

"This conversation is inclusive and open to all. It is deeply disappointing that Chris Smyth has made attempted to close this conversation down." 

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