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MacManus welcomes EU’s increased consumer protection & product lifetime regulations

1 December, 2020 - by Chris MacManus MEP

MacManus welcomes EU’s increased consumer protection & product lifetime regulations

In the latest European Parliament plenary session, Chris MacManus welcomed the passing of amendments to ensure consumer protection, and to prevent companies from selling products that are designed to fault after a limited period of time. 

Speaking during the remote voting session, MEP MacManus said:

‘The EU’s current production system is inefficient for consumers and harmful for the environment. I believe consumers have the right to guarantees and the right to repair of products. Rather than forced with no choice to throw out and buy new products, the EU can ensure manufactures provided spare parts and repair options to consumers.”

The Midlands Northwest MEP called for an end to manufacturers using obsolescence techniques: ‘This is a practice that is extremely unfair on consumers where citizens often face manipulation by manufactures is in the case of premature obsolescence. This is a technique where manufactures design products that will soon breakdown or malfunction. This shameless profiteering is harmful to the environment and the circular economy. I signed amendments for the EU to tackle premature obsolescence, which was endorsed by the European Parliament.”

“Furthermore, I signed a second amendment that passed introducing mandatory labelling on products to provide clear information to consumers on estimated lifetime and reparability of a product at the time of purchase. This is information which will greatly benefit consumers and allow us all to make more sustainable choices when shopping.”

The Sinn Féin MEP concluded by expressing dismay at other Irish MEPs blocking the consumer improvements: “I was greatly disappointed to see Fine Gael MEPs vote against these initiatives proposed by myself and progressive forces in the European Parliament. Sinn Fein in the European Parliament represents the interest of ordinary citizens, while Fine Gael back the trickery of the manufacturing industry.” ENDS

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